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If you are already using or have recently enrolled, this page features all the information you’ll need to get started. Status MPN forms and policies are located here, as well as a provider directory (password required) to help you find contracted providers in your area.
In response to legislative changes this year, Status, Inc has elected to help our clients to create custom Medical Provider Networks with the goal of providing quality care for injured workers while maintaining medical control for the life of each claim.

MPN creation is not new to Status, which has had an employer-driven PPO network since our inception in 1996. As such, we are among the first in California to have MPN’s approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation under this new legislation.

The benefits of an MPN are vast:

  • Lifetime Medical Control
  • Stricter Quality Control
  • Significant Cost-Savings from Contractual Discounts
  • Custom Reporting
  • On-line access to custom provider directories, forms and policies
Status offers a complete MPN service to interested employers who utilize Status Bill Review. The MPN Service includes:
  • Application design and submission
  • Network development, maintenance and quality review
  • Employee notification and training
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance
  • Significant savings below State fee schedule

Best of all, because we charge no up-front access fee, the Status Medical Provider Network is a cost-effective way to decrease your bottom-line claims cost.

For more information about how to get started, E-Mail us, or call us at (209) 549-3016.

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